What Are the Most Successful Lead Nurturing Tools?

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4-Jul-2019 2:37:00 PM

Lead nurturing is difficult. You’ve got the budget, the talent, and the marketing efforts to slay the market, but you forgot to provide the proper training and tools. Not good. According to Forrester, when you nail that lead nurturing strategy, you’ll see your sales opportunities grow by an average of 20% and earn 50% more sales for 33% lower cost. If you’re not hitting your targets despite your marketing efforts, use the right lead nurturing tools to knock it out of the park!  

Target Well

The same report from Forrester noted that 33% of B2B marketers cited the elusive “right target” to be their most frustrating challenge. Context helps you target well and resonate better with prospects.

An inbox profiling tool can up your game so that you can identify, segment, and target personae as part of your new and improved inbound marketing strategy.

Nurture Across Multi-Channels

So, how’s that email drip campaign plan working out for you? If you’re like most, 79% of your marketing leads don’t convert, and your open rates are probably sitting at around 20%. You need to go beyond that one channel and aim for other lead nurturing tactics.

Social media tools can add to your multi-channel lead nurturing strategy. They’ll make it easier to successfully combine your marketing strategy from emails to paid retargeting and from direct sales outreach to dynamic website content marketing.

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Increase Those Touch Points

If a prospect encounters 10 touch points on average by the time they convert, what’s your sales team doing? If this is the case, it makes sense to play the game of averages, and regardless of your product and service, stick to the formula that works.  

With 49% of marketers using less than five, the odds are that you have an opportunity to improve your customer experience. An email tracking tool helps keep up with touch points while encouraging progress towards conversion.

Show You Care and Follow Up

You can improve your lead qualifying process by as much as 21 times simply by making sure you contact someone within five minutes following an inbound lead. “Yeah, right. Make a call in five minutes,” you might snort. But, automated follow-up email tools make it easy to keep up, even when you’re dealing with large groups (or a highly pessimistic sales team).

Get Personal With Those Emails

By personalizing emails, you’ll see an increase in revenue by up to six times more than when you don’t personalize.  

If you use a prospect tracking tool, your sales team is primed to discover the most interested prospects at the right time in the sales funnel. These tools have the power to reach people faster and also deliver the exact messaging that suits their needs for a double whammy of effective lead nurturing.

Content-Based Lead Scoring

Lead scoring? Yes, in case you’re unfamiliar with this term, lead scoring is a shared sales and marketing methodology used for ranking leads so that you can determine how ready they are for a potential sale. So, you’re looking at how interested they are in your offering, where they sit in the buying funnel and how well they seem to fit with your product or service.

In fact, 68% of effective marketers credit their lead scoring as the tactic that saw the most success when it comes to improvements in the revenue generated from lead nurturing. Don’t you want a part of that success?

Despite this impressive number, only 21% of B2B marketers use lead scoring, which leaves a nice opportunity for you to get the upper hand. Integrated blogging tools can help target blog posts more effectively. You can tie search engine optimization and automated lead nurturing together to determine a fit based on what people are reading.

Align Sales and Marketing Efforts

If you want to see measurable increases in the sales opportunities you generate, you can align your sales and marketing efforts. In other words, play nice. It seems to be a sure-fire thing, as stats show 89% of companies that excel in lead nurturing were aligned and saw significant increases in conversions to boot.

It’s all about pipeline management tools so that each department knows who’s responsible for what in the sales process. No fingers pointed; no egos hurt; no sales lost.

These marketing automation tools will help you excel at lead nurturing and improve your lead nurturing campaigns.

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