How We're Helping to Support Companies Impacted by COVID-19

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12-Jun-2020 2:36:05 PM

ThinkFuel Marketing is proud to announce our partnership with Plan2Pivot, a collective of consultative business experts providing complementary guidance to forward-thinking businesses impacted by COVID-19

Barrie, ON, June 10, 2020The Plan2Pivot program was initiated by a desire to serve the business community during a time of distress. A collective of consultative business experts decided to explore how their combined services could offer a complimentary yet comprehensive execution plan to help companies survive, revive and thrive through the current pandemic. 


"We're excited to be a part of this collective. Giving back and helping companies grow through education and support has always been a corner stone of ThinkFuel. This group helps us deliver that to businesses in their time of need."

Kevin D'Arcy
Chief Marketing Enthusiast, ThinkFuel Marketing


Under the leadership of Teena Sauve of Botree Inc., the Plan2Pivot team has designed a proprietary diagnostic tool and resulting Roadmap to guide businesses through the strategic steps involved in initiating a full business pivot after being impacted by the pandemic. This includes tools and guidance on how to work through the current recessionary conditions as well as effectively positioning companies for success as the economy begins to reactivate.

“Participants in the Plan2Pivot program can expect to receive a customized Roadmap which consists of a 12-18-month plan highlighting key components to prioritize for optimal recovery and growth of their unique business. The Plan2Pivot team will also provide support to ensure participants have a clear direction on execution to achieve sustainable outcomes.”

With expertise in strategic planning, financial health, marketing, sales, employee wellness, engagement and mental health, change management, virtual operations, and wealth management the Plan2Pivot team is offering this comprehensive support program, valued at $7,100, for free because of their shared belief in giving back to the community. 

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About the Plan2Pivot Partners

The experts involved from Botree Inc., Think Fuel Marketing, Thrive State Inc, The CFO Centre and Stonebrook Private Wealth Management became acquainted through the Sandbox Centre of Barrie, Ontario. Taking part in various events, embedding themselves in the community and reaching out to like-minded professionals through the Sandbox Centre allowed them to build meaningful relationships. When the pandemic hit, Teena Sauve of Botree Inc. wanted to provide a complimentary service to support the business community, so she instantly reached out to the connections she had made through Barrie’s innovation hub. Very quickly the partnering businesses, who were also seeking or starting a similar platform to give back, jumped on board and Plan2Pivot was born. The Sandbox Centre is passionate about connecting people to the resources they need to make their business successful - this is why they are proud to support and amplify the Plan2Pivot program to the community.

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