Boosting Inbound Sales Success with Kixie: The Ultimate Call Routing Software

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1-Nov-2023 8:00:00 AM

Gone are the days of creating an ad and watching the sales roll in…most marketplaces are incredibly competitive, and to stand out in the crowd requires a well-laid marketing plan. A robust inbound marketing and sales strategy is key to creating demand for your brand in today’s saturated market. 

Inbound marketing, which is both cost-effective and targeted, builds trust by providing valuable content, resulting in higher-quality leads. Interested clients reach out to your organization directly, allowing you to avoid reaching out to people who have little to no interest in your product or services. 

Once you create a high-performing inbound marketing process, converting prospective buyers into clients is much easier with inbound sales tools, like call routing software, to support the volume of inquiries you receive. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at best practices for inbound lead nurturing, look at the benefits of inbound call routing, and share tools to support your inbound sales process. 

Importance of an Inbound Lead Follow-Up Strategy

Before we dive in, we’re assuming that your business is fully onboard with inbound marketing and that you have an inbound strategy that is working for you. If this isn’t the case (yet), we recommend chatting with the folks at ThinkFuel to get started with an inbound marketing plan that drives results. 

When someone is interested enough in your product or service to initiate a reach out to your business, they’re highly engaged. Not answering their call, sending a response days later, or ignoring them completely is the fastest way to lose an opportunity to your competition. You’re 21 times more likely to qualify a lead if you follow up within 30 minutes of their initial inquiry. Take longer than that, and your chances of converting them into a closed-won deal drop off significantly. 

Speed to lead is crucial to increase the win rate of your sales team, especially because a majority of B2B customers purchase from the vendor that’s first to respond. Responding within the first 5 minutes of a lead contacting you improves your chances of converting an opportunity by over 300%. Engage with prospects when they want to be engaged, and you’ll be on the path to success.

Benefits of Inbound Call Routing Software 

Achieving a lead response time of under 5 minutes might sound daunting, especially if a prospective customer gets in touch with your business on the weekend or after hours. Thankfully, it’s 2023, and we have technology to help with that!

Inbound call routing, sometimes called automatic call distribution software, is an effective tool for streamlining and accurately routing inbound calls based on caller intent. Especially for businesses with high volumes of inbound phone calls, like insurance companies, healthcare offices, and restaurants, having inbound call routing software maximizes customer satisfaction.

However, if your leads are getting in touch with your business via an online form, or perhaps sending a text message, speed-to-lead automation software can come to the rescue. With tools like auto-SMS and automated lead calling, you can trigger an outbound call or SMS from a sales rep to a new lead as soon as a form is submitted.

Key Features That Enhance Inbound Sales

We’d be remiss not to mention that Kixie PowerCall & SMS offers all of the features mentioned above, plus AI-powered tools to help your sales and customer support reps stay organized. Let’s take a closer look at some more features that can help streamline your inbound sales process.

  • Speed to lead: whenever a lead submits a form, requests more information, or interacts with an email from your company, Kixie’s speed-to-lead tool can trigger a phone call or text message from an available agent in your office. Or, if someone contacts you after hours, you can trigger an auto-SMS or email letting them know you’ll get in touch ASAP.
  • Automatic call distribution: ensure that callbacks go to the agent who handled the call originally, route high-value calls to more experienced agents, and make sure that callers are routed to their contact owner within the CRM, or automatically assigned one.
  • Automatic call logging: a great way to reduce busy work and ensure you’re always taking enough notes, automatic call logging allows all incoming and outgoing calls to be recorded in your CRM. This log includes the time, date, duration of the call, the caller's number, a call recording, and an analysis and transcription of the call if conversation intelligence is enabled. 

  • Intelligent lead distribution: send inbound calls to a ring group to ensure that every call is answered. Choose between ringing all agents simultaneously, in a specific order, or round-robin calls to give agents an equal opportunity to close new deals.

  • Native HubSpot integration: a seamless integration between your phone system and your CRM means that reporting and analytics are a breeze, plus all activities (calls, texts, connections, notes, dispositions, etc.) are always in the right place, immediately.

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Seamless Follow-Up With Kixie + HubSpot 

Let’s put all of the pieces together: a strong inbound marketing and sales strategy brought to you by ThinkFuel, tech-assisted lead follow-up for faster responses, a sales team equipped with the resources they need to sell, and an integrated calling + CRM system.

It’s not magic. It’s all possible with Kixie and HubSpot: automate lead follow-up, track data, seamlessly update contact info, and boost overall productivity. But you don’t just have to take our word for it. 

The team at Fischer Homes integrated Kixie with HubSpot, and they now have a round-robin phone system that filters 50+ incoming calls to the correct associates at any given moment. Plus, they were able to increase their speed to lead by 10% after adopting Kixie. At the end of the day, fewer missed calls and more time to nurture deals lead to higher productivity and cost savings.

Get Started Ramping Your Inbound Sales Today

It’s easier than ever before to ensure that people have a positive experience with your company, from the first time they ever interact with your brand to the day they become loyal customers. With ThinkFuel, Kixie, and HubSpot fighting for your brand, you can easily manage potential customer inquiries, follow up with new leads fast, and maintain positive, consistent communication. 

If you’re ready to take a big step towards sales success, ThinkFuel can guide you through a successful inbound marketing and sales strategy implementation with Kixie: Let's talk. We’re here to help!

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